CoNcrete Polishing, THat finish for: COMMERCIAL & residential

Concrete finishing can take an old looking floor and restore and enhance the entire space. Finishing is an affordable durable solution for industrial buildings, basements, or any large concrete area. Finishing allows the floors to be easily cleaned and maintained.


Using the SASE flooring system and products we are able to transform old dingy concrete into a stunning floors. Although they are shiny, they aren’t slippery due because polishing your concrete it actually improves the coefficient of friction, making them less slippery.

check out our videos of BREWERY AND THE MATSON BUILDING And photo gallery for ideas. Thinking about POLISHING your concrete? let’s connect.

Test section in our Yakima Store that shows the variation with different color stains.

Before and After look at the same concrete area. The difference is amazing.

Clean looking and easy to maintain garage floors. 

3 car garage and in home gym area.

Amazon Warehouse facility in Kennewick, WA.

Polished Concrete floors in the Hop Processing Warehouse.

Durable and Professional finishing.

Lost Sock Laundry Mat with a beautiful new polished look.

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