Dry Erase DIY

December 17, 2018 2 min read

A painter paints a dry erase board using dry erase paint.

Chalkboard Paint is pretty cool but this Dry Erase Paint takes it to the next level.  Choose a section of your wall. Our marketing department wanted a giant whiteboard for brainstorming and planning so we taped off a 4 ft by 5 ft section.

You might not want your board quite so big. Make sure your surface is smooth. We had a textured wall so we chose to smooth it out with mud but this paint is perfect if you already have a smooth wall or door that you would like to paint. Follow the instructions very carefully.

You will want to use the rollers that are included with the Rustoleum kit. Paint the surface over with a full coat. The kit recommends not re-rolling over the area once you have rolled it so you don't want a lot of back and forth action so do clean up and down sweeps until your first coat drys. The instructions ask that you complete two coats. We found this worked for us but after doing some research other product users completed up to 4 coats.

This stuff starts to dry pretty quick so after your coats take a quick look over the area and make sure there is no debris getting stuck in your paint, it will be difficult to remove it. Also you will want to ventilate the space pretty well, this has a bit of a stronger oder then regular paint, kind of similar to the way the markers smell.

The manufacture recommends a 7 day wait period before using the board. This paint is very thick and be cautious when removing your tape, use a straight edge as apposed to just lifting and ripping the tape off. You don't want to accidentally lift up a section of your board. 

Check out the finished product below:

Dry erase board that has been painted using dry erase paint.


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