Home Renos You Can Do Yourself

October 10, 2021 3 min read

Home Renos You Can Do Yourself

The home is a nest that continues to be built long after your original move-in date. Whether you have just purchased your home, or have been living in it for a long time, through continuous care and cultivation, you can shape your home to make it more adaptable to your current life.

Home renovations can often be tedious, cumbersome jobs unless enlisting the help of a professional. As your access to outside contractors may be limited, you may be looking for some home reno ideas you can do yourself. With the right tools, you and your family can tackle the areas of your home that you feel need a change. This article will outline a few home renovations you can do yourself with materials you can easily order or pick up from the hardware store.

Refinish Cabinet Doors

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Family members gather here to share memorable meals and guests find themselves meeting here during parties. If you require a kitchen update but are not looking for a full gut job, refinishing the cabinets can modernize and heighten the design of the space.  

  • Removing cabinetry – Begin by unscrewing all the hinges and hardware from your cabinet doors, if you want to repaint the inside of the cabinets, empty items.
  • Sanding – Sand away the finish that is currently on the cabinets. Remove any excess layers of paint so that you are left with a smooth surface. Depending on the type of cabinet you have, refinishing may not be possible, so consider purchasing new doors and leaving the boxes.
  • The Finish – Using either paint or stain, apply an even coat to all the cabinet doors. Lighter colors tend to offer a more minimal design while high-gloss and bold colors can make a lasting statement.
  • The Hardware – The hardware is a great way to combine personal style and functionality. There are many styles available so take your time choosing one that will last.

Updated Lighting

Track lighting will spruce up your home by adding directional light that is both stylish and easy to install. Unlike recessed lighting or pots lights, track lighting requires little to no input from a professional contractor and is fully customizable. Requiring only 1-2 people this is a job you can finish in one day.

Update Faucets and Fixtures

Replacing the faucets and sinks in your bathrooms and kitchen will pump new life into these commonly used spaces. The sink can be host to permanent watermarks, mold, and stains, which can be easily noticeable to guests, often detracting them from wanting to use it. Choose a style that compliments that paint color and tile in your bathroom creating a more polished space.

Adding some changes in your fixtures such as new styles and colors can also be a nice new upgrade with minimal skill or effort required.

Fresh Paint

As a Standard Paint & Flooring supplier for the Ellensburg area, we know how quick, easy and affordable renewing up your homes paint can be. Try different styles and colors, brighten up the home by going the minimalist and natural white or add color pops and feature walls to rooms that look basic and out dated.

Paint is one of those projects that is incredibly rewarding right when you are finished. At Standard Paint & Flooring, our team knows how to compliment colors and achieve the desired sheen you want.

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