Make Way for Laminate Flooring in Your Home

February 11, 2020 2 min read

A room that has been re-done with Laminate Flooring, available at Standard Paint & Flooring.

Check out these 4 spaces where laminate flooring enhances style and lifestyle


They don’t make laminate flooring like they used to – and thank goodness for that.

“Design options are endless with laminates, which do a great job of imitating the look of more expensive natural materials like hardwood, without the hefty price tag,” says Jeff Rock, Manager of Standard Paint & Flooring’s West Valley Yakima location.

“But what’s really great is how well they perform even in high-traffic areas. Today’s laminate flooring is durable, stain and spill resistant, making it an ideal choice for most areas in your home.”   

Read on to find out how laminates satisfy the need for flooring that offers both durability and design in the most popular rooms of your home.


Family Room / Living Room / Den

For the social hub of your home, there’s no better choice than laminate flooring. Strong performance and carefree maintenance alone make this budget-friendly flooring a winner, and by reproducing the warmth and beauty of hardwood, laminates can visually enhance your family unit’s favorite place to hang.   



The splash ‘n spill-prone kitchen is now a laminate-friendly zone thanks to the improved technology making them water resistant and scratch resilient. In addition to their good looks and exceptional durability (even around kids and pets), laminates are a breeze to clean and care for – just sweep regularly and occasionally wipe with a damp cloth.



Your bedroom is your oasis, so all design elements in it should have a positive impact on the look and feel. To boost the personal comfort factor, we recommend laminate flooring. It creates a spa-like, cozy space and is ideal for allergy-sensitive sleepers as the smooth, easy-to-clean surface doesn’t encourage the growth of allergens.


Basement / Rec Room

Laminate flooring works just as well below ground, where it can be installed over wood or concrete (with or without a foam underlay). Earlier this year, Consumer Reports ranked laminates a close second to ever-popular vinyl for basements without leaks or persistent moisture issues. We green light laminates for a finished basement or rec room because they bring warmth and beauty to a traditionally cooler, darker space.


See the Flooring experts at Standard Paint & Flooring about our selection of waterproof COREtec  and Shaw Flooring options, and find out how you can lay it down more affordably with our flexible financing options from Shaw flooring.

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