Paint Your Home Like A Pro

November 10, 2021 2 min read

Paint Your Home Like A Pro

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the interior rooms of your home is an effective way of removing old stains, faded areas, discoloration, as well as smells. The scents that accumulate within a home can become trapped within the paint so by repainting you can have your space looking and smelling like new.

Professional paint jobs will provide a thorough and carefully executed paint job that often looks impossible to replicate. If you follow certain steps and take necessary precautions you can get the same quality of work while honing your home renovation skills. This is a job that may take you a few days, but you will enjoy the results of your work for years to come.

Planning Your Project

You will want to wait for a dry day to begin painting. High humidity will slow the drying process and create drips. Before you begin painting, you will want to address any marks, flaking, or dents in the wall. These should be sanded and filled with plaster. When the plaster is smooth, you should apply primer to the area as well as the other more noticeable marks. Some stains may be easily wiped away with a wet cloth. As you begin to inspect your home, you will determine what tools are needed.

Choosing The Right Products

Paint brushes, tape, and rollers must be chosen carefully to ensure a professional job. You will want to spend the extra money on high-quality tools rather than the cheaper ones that will not perform adequately. If the painter’s tape is low quality it can cause the edges to bleed which will be unsightly. The nap of the roller is the thickness of the sponge. A high thickness can be great at reaching inside crevices and providing full coverage. Avoid getting too thick as you may add unwanted texture to the wall

Proper Preparation

If you are unable to remove items from the room you are painting, cover them with drop cloths or large pieces of plastic. You will want to do the same to the floor to protect it from the paint bucket spillover. Many painters will forget that all the outlet covers and light switches must be removed before painting, so make sure to remind yourself of this important step. 

Priming and Painting

Most homes can benefit from a coat of primer before paint application. If you are painting over a darker wall that has a glossy finish, a primer will prevent you from having to paint multiple coats. Full coverage is more easily obtainable following a thorough prime job. When you begin painting, do not apply too much pressure when rolling. It should require little effort. You can attach a pole to your roller to reach higher areas of the wall.

By following these simple steps when approaching interior painting, you will achieve professional-standard, high-quality results. As professionals can be very useful in helping you with your home, they may not always be accessible. Finding ways you can freshen and revamp your home by yourself is a great tool for fostering homeownership pride. If you are looking for opinions on the type of paint you should use, check out some of our recommended products.


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