Top 3 Home Office Decor Trends To Follow

December 15, 2022 2 min read

Top 3 Home Office Decor Trends To Follow

With the ongoing global situation forcing a lot of people to get increasingly comfortable working from home, trends in home office decor have become more notable.

Doing work from the comfort of your living room, bedroom, or den has become a necessary, yet enticing, prospect. Regardless of the location, you want your home office to be set up in a way that gives you that added urge to be productive while maintaining a level of comfort and familiarity.

Presentation, practicality, and balance are all factors to making that decor more appealing. Plus, because this setup is happening at home, you can be a little more creative. It should blend in with your home’s look rather than contrast it. As working from home continues to be normalized, here are three trends you should consider for your home office.

Beautiful Backdrops

With the many video conferencing calls you have for meetings, you should aspire to make your backdrop more than just your plain walls or curtains. The view behind your home office doesn’t have to be bodacious or over the top, but it should be pleasing to the eye and add a more professional look to your home office.

Things like paintings and well-decorated shelves can do that. Even adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls of your office helps a great deal. With a paint job and some innovative accessorizing, you get elegant backdrops that don’t demand too much attention. You can even get adjustable green screens or virtual boards to create any vibe you want, whether tropical or wintry.

Light Colors Work Best

Though you have more licence to be a bit more creative with a home office, it’s best not to go with flashy esthetics and darker colors to accentuate your home office.

Small rooms, especially, don’t mesh that well with dark colors. With larger rooms, you can experiment with darker colors more, but they should be discreet. Light accents should be mesh with these darker colors to present an appealing finish. Dry erase paint is recommended to give you more design flexibility. Blues, greens and neutrals are all calming colors that make solid backdrops for pictures and pinboards. Plus, those colors help with concentration because they’re easier on the eye and don’t distract from your daily tasks.

Creating More Peaceful Spaces

Even though they’re enjoying the benefits of being at home during work hours, many professionals are investing in ways to avoid being bothered by noise.

Some homeowners are investing in double- and triple-pane windows to soundproof their home offices. Additionally, they’re adding window shutters or drapes for extra privacy. Others are using acoustic panels that both upgrade the office’s look and cancel out noise. Furthermore, if there are holes in the wall, you can get them sealed using all-purpose caulk so the sounds on the other side of the wall get blocked out properly.

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