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Make a lasting impression with an amazing outdoor space. Often this is achieved through plants and patio furniture, but what about your grass? Transform your outdoor space into the focal point of your home with grass that is lush and green all year round.

Save money on lawn maintenance with synthetic grass. Achieve the look and performance of natural grass but with a durable synthetic alternative. Shawgrass is also cooler than natural grass due to its HydroChill technology.

Whether you’re looking for new grass for your home, commercial building or investment property, we have what you need for durability and appearance. Our flooring and design professionals can help you determine if artificial turf is for you.

Create your perfect lawn by choosing the color, height and weight of your artificial turf that will pass the test of time.

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Color Options

Color Options

Enjoy a range of greens to choose from for your artificial turf. Shaw offers various color options so you can select the right artificial turf color for your space.

Choose the height

Choose the height

Just like natural grass, there are a variety of blade heights to choose from to suit your space needs.

Choose the height Choose weight

Choose weight

Depending on your space’s needs, we have a variety of weights to choose from that determine the thickness of your artificial lawn. Enjoy the flexibility to create the perfect lawn!

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