4 Cabinet Trends To Transform Your Kitchen

December 11, 2019 2 min read

4 Cabinet Trends To Transform Your Kitchen

The most important room of the house is the kitchen. It’s where families gather for meals, conversations and laughs that last a lifetime. It’s essential to invest in good cabinetry that will last for decades, rather than spending tons of money to replace every few years.

To reflect the personality of the room, go for bright colored, open concept kitchens. Whether you’re redecorating your entire kitchen or just want a small change, here are four cabinet trends to try in 2019.

1. White Cabinets Are a Thing of the Past
After years of the minimalist trend, is bold-colored cabinetry here to stay? For 2019, cabinets with bold colors to match walls and kitchen appliances are on the rise. Standard Paint & Flooring has a huge selection of cabinet colors to help you in your renovations. Colorful cabinets give the room a personality of its own. Matching colored cabinets to other parts of the kitchen like dinnerware can accentuate the overall feel to the newly designed room.

2. Two-Tone Cabinets
Want to experiment with your cabinets? On top of painting your cabinets in bold colors, have you ever thought about two-tone? Mixing white cabinets with other paint colors allows for a pop of color without being too overbearing.

Two-tone is for people that may be afraid of fully committing to painting their cabinets all one color. Gray, navy blue, black and mint green are all popular cabinet colors that will match nicely with the standard white and can easily be incorporated into other aspects of the room.

3. Glass Doors
Modern kitchens have been jumping on the glass door trend. There’s something effortless and elegant about having glass cabinet doors in your kitchen. As chunky kitchen display cabinets have resurfaced into the mainstream, glass cabinet doors are a perfect way to accentuate your dinnerware.

In order to match all the newly colored kitchen pieces, buy dinnerware that matches the paint color of the cabinet or wall color. This stylish trick will enhance your kitchen’s overall design. Take a look at some of these examples from Decoist for inspiration.

4. Shaker Door Cabinets
Shaker door cabinets are the most used cabinet door style in kitchens. They are a simple, square-paneled doors and have clean lines that will continuously be classic in design.

These cabinets will look great with any hardware and in any color. Most shaker door cabinets are available in multiple materials to fit with contemporary, country-style, and industrial kitchens.

From bold and bright to glass door to two-tone cabinets, it’s time to bring a little personality into the heart of the home. Don’t be shy with your renovations. Sprucing up your cabinets with a simple paint job or opening them up with glass doors will allow for a new world of possibilities into your kitchen.

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