Choosing the Right Paints and Stains for Your Home

January 11, 2020 2 min read

Choosing the Right Paints and Stains for Your Home

Picking the best paints for your home can be a feat. Standard Paint & Flooring has been known for our quality paints and stains and exceptional customer service for over 35 years. We feel confident in getting our customers perfect products every time.

We know what it’s like to live in the Kittitas Valley. With one of the most difficult climates in North America, your paint and stains need to last all year round. Tackling all four seasons would usually lead to wear and tear, which is why choosing the best product for the job, climate, and season is extremely important.

What Paint Should You Choose?

Picking the right paint for your upcoming renovation is a large task. In order to help you make the best decision, we have knowledgeable staff that are readily available. They can assist you in picking the right products, colors, sheens, and finishes that will fit any room in your home.

Paint comes in a variety of sheens, and are usually oil or latex based. Latex paint is the most commonly used paint type. They are more durable than their oil-based counterpart and are easier to clean. They are more fade resistant and breathe easier than oil. Latex paint should be used for most of the walls in your home and any other household surfaces you need to be painted.

Oil-based paints are better than latex when it comes to priming wood moulding and trim, and seals stains better. They do take longer to dry, but they are the better option for that first coat of paint. There are a variety of brands available for any primer or top coat. We have a long list of interior and exterior paint and stain products available, so you’ll never have a problem with finding the perfect finish for your home.

All your favorite brands of paints and stains are all under one roof. If we don’t have a color or product that you’re looking for, we’re happy to order it in store.

What About the Color?

It’s best to paint your walls white if you’re planning on selling your home. This allows the buyer to paint over the wall in whichever color they choose. It will also make the rooms appear cleaner and brighter. If you’re planning to do a little repainting, then it’s important to use the color wheel. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. When mixed together, these colors created purple, orange, and green. 

Complimentary colors depend on where they sit on the color wheel. Orange is the opposite of blue, which means these colors will go well with one another. Staying within the same shade of color will also allow you to give the room a more subtle look that blends well together.

If you feel like you may need more help available when tackling a renovation project our team is happy to help. With the wide variety of products we offer, our renovation specialists will be able to perfectly personalize your space. By searching our design network, we can better match what color and style fit best for you.

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