The Benefits Of Choosing Laminate Flooring

December 10, 2022 2 min read

The Benefits Of Choosing Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has increasingly become a popular choice for homeowners as it captures the authenticity and standout elements of natural flooring with a bevy of practical advantages. Containing four layers, its base is very sturdy and resistant to moisture.

Plus, it has a backing plate that ensures the core doesn’t erode and an upper layer that’s highly resistant to wear and tear.

Brands like Armstrong, Armstrong and others have laminate floors that contain advanced, patented technologies. This type of flooring is one of the sturdiest floors. If you’re looking for high-quality laminate flooring to install in your home, here are some of the benefits that this flooring type will provide.

Its Technology Enhances Floor Quality

Laminate flooring contains a mesh of materials that are fused together through a versatile lamination process. The technology that’s used allows manufacturers to create laminate flooring that mirrors real wood, stone and marble. The technology also includes embossing techniques and upgrades to quality in the fiberboard core, making the floor more rigid-resilient.

Many types of laminate flooring are waterproof, possessing long-term durability and merging elegance with consistent performance. Thanks to the technology these floors possess, each layer receives maximum protection, resisting scratches, stains as well as fading, regardless of how much foot traffic is moving daily in your home.

Many types of laminate flooring today have a wear layer overlay that holds up against burns, household chemicals and various forms of moisture.

You Get Variety In Texture and Design

With some types of laminate flooring, the color and the texture rolls over the edge of the tile, creating a more striking finish. Details like this add extra dimensions to the floor, contrary to other types of laminate flooring where a small V has formed in between boards thanks to a bevel located on the planks’ edges.

Laminate flooring comes in different colors, ranging from light colors to medium and dark tones including dark canyon and spice brown. They are available in neutral and cooler shades that complement various types of decor. Each texture finish is derived from molds created from real wood grain. This ensures the laminate flooring has legitimate wooden textures that are built to last. Add to that the fact that this flooring has edges coated with patented sealer and you have a floor that looks and feels as good as it holds up.

Furthermore, the design options are limitless, ranging from contemporary stone to wood as well as realistic beveling and distressed looks to add realism to the floor’s finish.

They Are Environmentally-Friendly Options

Laminate flooring has increasingly become an eco-friendly option thanks to being derived from natural materials such as wood chip fiberboard. Furthermore, the manufacturing process doesn’t include using material from endangered trees.

Many types of laminate flooring don’t contain damaging chemicals while also cutting out adhesives and other products during installation that can compromise air quality.

Laminate flooring offers your home maximum protection, plenty of coverage and is durable. Through Standard Paint & Flooring, you can access laminate flooring from several notable manufacturers.

To get the best laminate flooring for your home, contact Standard Paints and Flooring for all your flooring needs.

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